A Basic Guide to International Trade

  • Author: Florence O. J. Idowu
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Modules:
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Course overview
This course is designed to introduce entrepreneurs into import and export business as a guide to all factors to consider and complete before starting an international trade. This course is targeted at beginners who know nothing about export
  • No of Videos: 15
  • Certificate: Yes


Why Should You Take This Course?

  • To engage in legal transactions.
  • To understand at a beginners level all you need to know about import and export.
  • To understand the different types of funding which are applicable.
  • To understand the categorize funding and expectations for successful transactions.
  • To discover applicable insurance necessary for International Trade.
  • To understand the transportation mode in International Trade.

This course will steadily guide a beginner into the next stage which is the intermediate stage and finally the expert stage on the A-Z of International Trade.

Happy Learning!

Course contents


Florence Omolola Jones Idowu 

Florence Omolola Jones Idowu is a legal practitioner and the CEO/CLO of F.O.J Multidynamic Interchange Nigeria Ltd, one of the leading exporters of sustainably produced charcoal in Nigeria. She is also the legal representative of the Charcoal Export Legality and Compliance Group and head of chambers at Adekunle Jones and Co. She is a serial entrepreneur with over 14 years experience in business especially exportation which is her first love.
Patrick Jones - Course author