Hacking The Great Instagram Algorithm

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Course features
  • Author: Joyce Sani
  • Level: Beginner
  • Modules: 3
  • No of videos: 7
  • Certificate: Yes
Course overview
If you have been on Instagram long enough, especially as an ecommerce merchant, you must have come across the phrase; ‘Instagram Algorithm‘. Often used to explain low number of likes on posts, lack of engagement and low sales.
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Certification included
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More About the Course

Congratulations! You’ve crafted the perfect Instagram post with a genius caption. Even the hashtags are on point.But wait, your work isn’t done quite yet. Because if you want this amazing content to actually get in front of a wide audience, you’re going to need to conquer the all-mighty Instagram algorithm.This Instagram algorithm: you love it, you hate it, but in the end you just have to embrace it. However, this algorithm is not just one algorithm alone. Instagram uses various algorithms, processes, and classifiers to deliver that content in the form of your Feed, Stories, Reels etc.This course will show you tips and hacks to get the algorithm to favour you.

Key lessons from the course

At the end of this course, you will have gained the following:
  • Understand the great Instagram Algorithm 
  • Learn how the Algorithm affects your feed posts, your stories, your reels and your explore page.dvantage.
  • Learn how to hack the Algorithm to build your community and make sales.
Meet the instructor
Ujenyu Joyce Sani is a social media strategist, digital marketer, serial entrepreneur, skilled negotatitor with 7+ years’ experience in ideating route-to-market strategies upon sustainable business models, and through integrated marketing.
Ujenyu Joy Sani is a serial entrepreneur, cofounding a few business enterprises which include;
  • 2k Ankara Tops, a fashion brand on a mission to share Africa with the world.
  • Outbox Business solutions, a consultancy with a focus on building viable startups.
  • Going Orange, an Agricultural produce marketing business.
  • She also founded All Things Nigerian square, a digital marketing company.
She is passionate about creating jobs and making even the playing field for women entrepreneurs. She is an author, having worked on 2 anthologies compiling the perspectives of women and girls on Gender Equality from all over Africa.
Ms. Sani is a proud cofounder of IdeaCon; a community of original thinkers and doers who believe in 'mind over matter'. 
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