Facebook and Instagram Advertising

  • Author: Ujenyu  J. Sani
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Modules: 6 
  • No of Videos: 25
  • Certificate: Yes
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This course will teach you why you must absolutely advertise and how to do it more effectively because  it gives you a chance to reach about 1 billion users both on faceebook and instagram.


There are several reasons why you should be employing paid advertising on Instagram and Facebook as part of your marketing vehicles. It is a chance to reach about 1 billion users on Instagram and Facebook combined. Yes, I know. The whole world is not your addresible market but having such a large pool to carve out your advertising audience has a lot of benefits.
Facebook and Instagram advertising is so powerful because of the ability to target a very specific set of people. You can create a precise target audience by combining factors.


At the end of this course, you will have gained the following:
  • How to build your ideal audiences.
  • Setting up your facebook and instagram ads.
  • Instagram advertising using facebook advert manager.
  • Instagram Ads From Within The Instagram App.

              Happy Learning!

Why Advertise?

Why advertising is important and how you can do it better.
  • Connect with your target market.
  • Affordability.
  • Can be used at every stage of the buyer‘s journey – Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.
  • Demographic targeting.
  • Easy to use.
  • Retarget audience.
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Course contents

Ujenyu Joy Sani is a social media strategist, digital marketer, serial entrepreneur, skilled negotiator with 7 years+ experience in ideating route-to-market strategies upon sustainable business models, and through integrated marketing. Ujenyu Joy Sani is a serial entrepreneur, cofounding a few business enterprises which include; 2k Ankara Tops, a fashion brand on a mission to share Africa with the world. Outbox Business solutions, a consultancy with a focus on building viable startups. Going Orange, an Agricultural produce marketing business.She also founded All Things Nigerian square, a digital marketing company.She is passionate about creating jobs and making even the playing field for women entrepreneurs. She is an author, having worked on 2 anthologies compiling the perspectives of women and girls on Gender Equality from all over Africa. Ms. Sani is a proud cofounder of IdeaCon; a community of original thinkers and doers who believe in 'mind over matter'. She lives in Abuja, Nigeria with her charming husband and their adorable daughter.
Ujenyu J. Sani