Service Excellence - More Fans, More Profits

  • Author:
    Amu Ogbeide
  • Level: Full Package
  • Study time: 3 hours
  • No of Videos: 22
  • Certificate: Yes
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This course is a combination of all my experiences as a multi-sector entrepreneur and my teachings of over 15 years including my successes, mistakes, case studies and practical lessons you can use today. Think about this. Why do you buy food from one restaurant and not the next? Why do you drive all the way to buy roasted corn or "akara" (Beans Balls) or "bole" (roasted plantain) from Iya Ronke? Why do you fly with one airline or send your kids to a particular school? You may not realize it, but these businesses did something right about their engagement with you to get you to come in the first place and keep coming and spending your money, almost without thinking.
There are two key reasons - Customer Experience (CX) and Value. You never go wrong when you get both of them right and they are part of the secrets I will teach in this course.  
What else you'll get
  • Real-world, practical localized lessons and case studies.
  • Learn the tricks of making money for your business.
  • Enjoy the Sapphital's partnerships with local and international brands.
Meet the instructor

Amu Ogbeide

I have founded and run multiple businesses across diverse sectors in Nigeria and internationally over the last 12 years - Multimedia Studio, a Training Company, a Digital Company, a small Tailoring Outfit for men, among others. I have also invested in a couple of small businesses and seat on their boards.  
In my previous life, I was a Banker (for 12 years) and rose to senior levels. It was an experience that prepared me for many things. 
Truth is, being an entrepreneur in Africa is not child's play. I have learnt a lot, struggled as a business owner, gone broke, had good times, survived 3 recessions, and built great relationships along the way. Today, those lessons help me support other businesses to navigate and improve their chances of success. 
My calling though is Teaching, something I have done for more than 25 years since my University days. I hope to someday become a Non-Academy Professor with focus on Small Business Development and contribute to taking Africa to greater heights. 
Patrick Jones - Course author