The Guidelines of The All Progressive Young Women Forum -

The Guidelines of the PYWF is hereby enacted for the purpose of effective administration and the promotion of the ideals and objectives of our forum. It has been converted into an eBook, and divided into sections for ease of reading and understanding. At the end of this eBook, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to every member that reads and completes the certificate.  
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Constitution of The All Progressive Young Women Forum -

This constitution is conceived as an immediate and process-led response to the overwhelming yearnings of Nigerian women for equal gender inclusion in politics and equity of women representation in governance. 

Our Motto:

Advocacy, Mentorship, Capacity Building And Networking

Our Priority


 Nurturing young women's political aspirations.


Empowering Young Women In politics, leadership and humanitarian services


Supporting young women candidates for political office.


The Future is Female

Our Slogan

The Future is Female | PYWF 

Course contents

The Progressive Women Academy (PWA)

The Progressive Women Academy is the Digital Learning Platform for all Women Across Nigeria to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to transform their lives, businesses and prepare for future leadership positions.