Building Brand Authenticity

  • Author: Sapphital 
  • Level: Beginners
  • Modules: 7
  • No of. videos: 8
  • Certificate: Yes
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Authenticity stems from making integrity your foundation. Maximize the potential of your business by understanding how to identify and engage with your audience. You will also understand how to sell your products and services on various social media platforms and become a trusted and authentic brand. 

We are sure you want your brand to be the go-to for customers, and to attain that, your brand needs to grow in the minds of customers as an authentic place to patronize. This course will teach you how to develop, plan, promote, present and analyze social media activities and more importantly, how to build integrity and reliability into your business philosophy. You'll learn how to understand influencers, networking, and how to create marketable content on social media.

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This is a Sapphital Original course. This course has been carefully developed and delivered engagingly to foster learning through a collaborative effort of a team of researchers, content developers, animators, videographers, graphic designers, voice-over artists. The coming together of 100% Head, 100% Hands, 100% Heart to ensure top-quality learning
Patrick Jones - Course author