Taking Control of your Anger

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Course overview

Sometimes when we are angry, we seem not to be able to control our words and actions. This can sometimes destroys our relationship with others . Anger is an unhealthy emotion if we do not deal with it. This course presents a simple guide for anger management.
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We need to understand the nature of anger before we know how to deal with it. our response to anger matters alot, positive and healthy anger responses are ways to deal with our anger.

When we are angry, it tells alot about us especially how we react to others emotions.  If it is respected and understood, it can point us in the right direction. Learning to deal with  anger and having  emotional intelligence can prevent anger from dominating us mentally. This course will teach us how to express anger in ways that leave us in a win-win situation. This course creates awareness to the emotion of anger, as it relates to our everyday living and suggests ways to deal with it.
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