All na Packaging - A Digital Guide for Small Businesses

  • Author: Sapphital 
  • Level: Beginners
  • Modules: 7
  • No. of Videos: 7
  • Certificate: Yes
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We dey hear this for Naija - "All na Packaging". You sabi wetin e mean? Plenty small business owners for Naija no sabi  how to package their businesses to succeed online. Becos of tekinology, everybody dey find how dem want take buy things online. For online ehn, no limit - you fit meet plenty people and sell your services and products to them. Online market, na there you suppose dey. 

For this training, we go show you wetin dey happen for online and digital market. How you go take open Gmail account, set up your social media accounts and even sef, begin use Whatsapp dey market your products. You go do every every from your house or shop and people go begin reach out to you. We go come show you small small things to take dey safe online. 

Na simple training be this and na drama style we use. You go enjoy am well well. 

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